5 months old baby

Question: My baby has rash on chin i dont know why it happens plz suggest me how to treat there

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Question: Hi there, friends, i wanted to know how to treat diaper rash at home
Answer: You must use Himalaya diaper rash or b4 nappy cream over the affected area. And do not use diaper for 5 days now. If you see small papules of blisters occurring on your baby is hip area and which are also fluid draining that it is very important to see your pediatrician because the infective fluid main cause the nearby area to itch and the normal diaper rash papules can grow into bigger boils fluid filled and draining so it is important to see your pediatrician once after 3 days of regular application of diaper rash cream or Boroline
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Question: My baby has rash on his cheeks and chin. What is the reason for rash.how to treat that?
Answer: Ho,it is common to get these rashes to a new born baby . You should apply breast milk as it is the natrual remedy for this. You should also apply lemon and honey paste,both should be in equal proportion and after application keep it for 20 mins. This should help too
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Question: My baby has rash under her chin and neck. What should I use to heal it?
Answer: Rash of what some allergy or he eat something recently? Please meet your doc if it's increasing. Till the time you can apply coconut oil, if it's due to hear you can apply baby powder or diaper rash cream given by your doctor.
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