1 months old baby

Question: My baby has little red mark in his right eyelid what is this

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Question: My baby has little red pimples on his face what should I do
Answer: Do not worry skin infections are very common from first month of birth to 3rd month of birth just check if you have changed your babies shampoo use very mild shampoo and soap such as teddy bar and spoo shampoo. also check if you are using excessive talcum powder avoid Telcum powder for babies less than 6 months because that can cause even asthma attacks because of allergy. red pimples/ white pimples are very normal . these are sihns of skin irritation but check if your baby has fever or if at all the red pimples have a white Centre are you see these red pimples increasing in size then you must consult your pediatrician. If it is fine, if it is allergy because of any clothing or Chemicals then it will go with a 3 weeks time but you must consult a pediatripaediatricianpimples are red and also your baby has a fever above 99.4 degree Fahrenheit. Use callosoft AF to soothe the irritated skin. Take care.
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Question: My baby have little white patch in his back of neck is it birth mark or something else plz let me know in my background history nobody has this kind of mark but my baby has
Answer: Hello! Chances are more of being a birth mark. But if u are doubtful then please once consult the doctor as after seeing only one can confirm properly. Take care
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Question: My baby eyelid red why this is?
Answer: Hi dear there could be an infection. it is better to get checked with the doctor
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