16 months old baby

Question: My baby has lice . What to do?

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Answer: Hi dear, To get rid of lice,you can soak a damp towel in vinegar,and wrap it around baby head for 10 minutes,take a lice comb and brush it out.repeat the process.you also get neem oil ,powder some camphor and apply it in baby scalp.leave it for 30minutes and wash it off with baby shampoo.and again comb baby hair with lice comb.
Answer: Hi dear Add some black jeera and mustard seeds in coconut oil and heat in low flame and save the oil in air tight jar without removing the jeera n seeds....apply daily on scalp and comb gently..black jeera controls dandruff and lice and also hair grows thick and black
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Question: My baby has lice in hairs what can be done
Answer: Hello, Dear Wash your child’s hair and scalp with ordinary shampoo. Then massage a generous amount of oil or hair conditioner. (If you have an infant, wet her hair with warm water and apply just conditioner). Detangle her hair with a wide-tooth comb and then comb her hair with the lice-comb. Part her hair into as many sections as possible and make sure you comb all the sections properly. Start combing from scalp to the tip of the hair. Conditioner-coated as well as wet lice and eggs will stay still and hence will easily get caught while you are combing. Wash the comb properly before you start combing another section. If not, use a cloth to wipe it clean and then continue combing. Once you have finished combing all the sections, rinse her head again. Use the same procedure to get rid of any remaining lice. Try weaving a piece of thread in the lice-comb and using it to comb your child’s hair. This will help in eliminating the small lice as well. For the remaining, you will have to use your hands. Make your child sit on a piece of a newspaper while you are combing her hair. If you see any lice falling on the paper, flush them down the toilet or the drain. Repeat this procedure 4 times leaving a gap of three days in between two sessions. This will eliminate all lice in your child’s hair and your child will be lice-free within 17 days.
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Question: Hello all, What to do if baby has lice? My daughter has got lice from outside and I don't want to cut her hair.Is there any other way to remove lice? Please help
Answer: Give a gentle massage to your baby hair with warm oil Let it to air free for about 15-20 mins Use special lice comb to brush your hair Try to comb from root to tip of hair Then rinse hair with any baby shampoo Use soft cloth to remove excess water Let your baby hair dry on it's own Brush your baby hair again with lice comb Repeat this for about twice a week to see result
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Question: Hello mam my baby has lice in his hairs what to do
Answer: Hi..Apply onion juice to ur baby's hairs. It is a One time solution and no medication needed in it. You can repeat this procedure aftr 7 days again. Smell will be there for a few days but i guess its better than having lice...so, u can try it.
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