2 months old baby

Question: My baby has got cold hands vaccination has not been done is it necessary to be done on 45 days only now she is 50 days old will the delay happens any issue

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Answer: No problem you can take her to hospital and they will give and please dont delay more.
Answer: no it is not necessary .there is no issue u can give vaccination now...
Answer: no issue die to the delay. u can give it now
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Question: Hi, My baby s 49 days old, As she s having cough and cold till now her 45 days vaccination has not yet done. Kindly let me know how many days the vaccination can be delayed whether it will create any prblm to my baby. Plz clarify my doubt
Answer: hi dear! dear different vaccines have different time limit. so best advise is to get it sone as soon as possible. always remember dear never to skip any vaccines for the baby . get all the vaccines done in right time now.! at 45 days / 6 weeks : Hib(influenza ) vaccine , rotavirus vaccine , FiPV( injectable polio vaccine) and pcv(pneumococcal vaccine). all the vaccine has different time limits dear. get the vaccines done as soon as possible. and if you take the vaccine from the government hospitals. then normally at government hospitals rotavirus vaccine is not given so you can take the rotavirus vaccine privately. take care! i hope this information was useful to you .
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Question: My 45 days old baby has got cough and cold. Please advise what can be done.
Answer: Answer: 1. warm some Ajwaine and garlic on the tava and put it in the potli .. give sekh with this potli on baby's chest and black 2. make baby smell this potli from far .. d9 not touch the nose and keep some distance so that baby can smell but will not get safocate 3. keep this potli next to the baby's bed
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Question: Hello mam... Today my child got vaccinated(painless). Now she is 45 days old. How the child will be after vaccination... As my child is very sleepy today...
Answer: Depends on their activities. Babies will be normal when they are vaccinated if they don't get fever.. Have you given any paracetamol syrup.. Did you check for the fever.
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