6 months old baby

Question: My baby has gas trouble she smell as adult any home remedies giving her gripe water regularly. She is 7month

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Answer: It's good that your baby is releasing gas because when gas gets trapped in baby's stomach it leads to call it which is very painful for babies so don't worry also don't give your baby Gripe water as my pediatrician strictly said no to it
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Question: My baby is 6months 4days Old... She is having too much trouble with gas... Can I start giving her gripe water?
Answer: These days doctors do not suggest any of the herbal medicine like gripe water for colic remedy or upset stomach. It is really great if you can consult your pediatrician for gas issue.
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Question: Should I give gripe water to my baby he has gas trouble
Answer: This can cause too much alkalinity and worsen colic symptoms. Watch out for gripe water containing peppermint. You should also avoid gripe water containing gluten, dairy, parabens, and vegetable carbon. Although gripe water is generally safe, it's not recommended for babies younger than 1 month. This is used for colic in babies. You can consult your pediatrician and ask for any colic drops or syrup. Few of the tips to get rid of gas: Gently massage your baby, pump babies legs back and forth (like riding a bike) while on back, or give tummy time. A warm bath can also help her get rid of extra gas.
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Question: My baby cries alot before passing stool or urine.or even before passing gas . She is 7 days old. I m also havimg gas trouble. Wat should i do to ease her pain. I hv started givimg gripe water. Thiis has caused a bit relief. She is crying but not as before. Is it ok if i continur giving gripe water.?
Answer: Go to her doctor..may b she has constipation problm..
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