1 months old baby

Question: My baby has cough n blocked nose...plz suggest som home remedy..

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Answer: Hello! For cough and blocked nose try these home remedies. 1. Heat mustard oil with garlic cloves. Let it tune brown and then switch of the flame. Once the oil is little cool, massage the chest, back and feet of the baby. 2. If breastfeeding, then put 2-3 drops of breastmilk in each nostril. 3. Dry roast ajwain and garlic cloves, tie it in a muslin cloth and apply warm compress on the chest and back of the baby. Make sure you keep a thin layer of clothing when applying warm compress. 4. For immediate relief, put saline drops in the nostrils. 5. You can give steam to the baby. 6. Keep a bowl of warm water near the bed of the baby, so that the baby can breathe properly. Take care
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Question: My baby has blocked nose n cough any home remedies
Answer: It is not advisable to try Home remedies on such a young baby...so please consult with the pediatrician and give your baby the required medication to help your baby to recover soon..
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Question: Hi, my baby has cough n blocked nose, please suggest some home remedy
Answer: Hello, Dear Use a steamer to moisten the air in your baby's room. Or take your baby into the bathroom with you, turn on the hot water in the shower, close the door, and sit in the steamy room for about 15 minutes. A warm bath can accomplish the same thing. You can also apply some mild warm desi ghee on baby's neck ,back and chest before sleeping. That will cure sore throat and give some relief to baby. This will help you alot. I use steam for my baby and it always works like magic. So do try it..
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Question: My baby's trouth is blocked ........suggest me som home remedy
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry here I'm giving u some remedies-give adequate water to ur baby,ur baby nose must be sucked out to clear out the mucus,use saline drops,u can also use turmeric mix it with warm water and massage it in baby's forehead,chest and on feet.Mustard oil massage can also help.Hope this will help,Thank you.
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