2 years old baby

Question: My baby has congestion and cough for past 1week.Along with that she has fever around 100 after wakes up from sleep in noon and evening.. Consulting with doctor..

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Answer: You can consult, medication to treat congestion be be given, mild fever is common with cough or cold. Keep baby warm and give few sips of warm water too.
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Question: My baby doesn't feed from me for the past two days when is wakes up and used to fed in bottle and that to very little and cries a lot...and poo more than three four times from yesterday noon
Answer: Hi, if the baby is on breastmilk then passing stool often is not a problem. As for not having milk, it does happen due to the growth spurt which is common during this stage. Try feed the baby in sleep or when the baby is sleepy. It is a temporary phase and will be over soon.
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Question: My baby is 9 months old now. I give her milk raab around 8:30 and she goes to sleep around 9:30. She often wakes up at night. I breastfeed her during night. After 2 am, she wakes up like every hour and 1.5 hour. Is there any tips that she doesn't wake up that much and can sleep through the night?
Answer: Dear baby wakes up because if hunger. See breastmilk is light and easy to digest for baby and that is why your baby is waking up frequently. So try to give formula milk at night when he is awake at 2 because formula milk is heavy and baby get full tummy with it. Once baby is full tummy he will not awake frequently..
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Question: My baby doesn't sleep in the evening, even after her feeds...she goes off to sleep but wakes up after every 10-15 mins
Answer: Follow the time table for the baby, switch off the lights at a particular time to make the baby feel it's sleep time. Ensure that the room temperature is pleasant neither hot nor cold
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