2 months old baby

Question: My baby has colic issues. For this I am giving him colimex drops in evening and then he sleeps till morning. Want to know is this side effects of drops? And he don't sleeps well in daytime his every nap is just for 45 mins. Is that good having less sleep? It effects his growth?

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Question: Im giving colicaid drops to my daughter every night 5 drops daily with that she sleeps well is there any side effects
Answer: Colic aid drops should be given for colic pain. If your baby has no colic issues, pls don't give it. This will form a habit. Let the baby's digestive system develop on its own.
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Question: Hii , I have a boy kid ,he is crying for one hour more every day evening after 5 pm since two weeks. After giving colimex drops he is calm down.Is it gud to give that drops daily?
Answer: Hi dear no don't give you baby any medicine for digestion more than 5 days continuously aur you me ask your paediatric for the dosage and days. If your baby is crying after a particular feed it means he can't digest the feed. Firstly you should change the time of feeding & give proper gaping between two feed. Burp your baby well between an after each feed and hold in upright position for at least15 to 20 minutes before lie on bed. Hope that will help you
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Question: In evening time my baby is drinking milk for every 45 minutes for 20 mins long ...what can I do to increase the breastmilk in the evening time???
Answer: Hi Anise seed is having The high contents of thymol, terpineol and anethole in anise seed are ideal for promoting breast milk production. Fresh fennel and its seeds are another food that is often used to promote milk production. Cumin can increasr milk supply.cinnamon powder Try a teaspoon mixed into a cup of warm milk.eat fruits and vegetables, whole grains like brown rice foods rice in omega-3s like salmon and flaxseeds, and vegetable proteins. ensure that baby is latching well and removing milk efficiently from the breast,be prepared to feed your baby more frequently - breastfeed on demand at least 8 times in 24 hours.switch your baby from one breast to the other. Offer each breast twice,ensure your breasts are emptied well at each feed or pumping session; you can express after breastfeeds to make sure,do not go longer tan 5 hours without milk removal - your baby at the breast sucking is the most effective but otherwise use a hand or electric pump,when your baby is feeding, use some breast compression to aid milk flow as this will also encourage more effective sucking,make sure you are drinking a lot of water, eating a good balanced diet and not missing any meals ,also ensure you are resting as much as possible between feeds.fenugreek seeds also helpful for the increse breastmilk production..barely malt or barley soup also helpfull
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