Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby has billirubin 11.2mg ,,is it safe ,

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Answer: Dear its bit high so dont worry just give some early morning sun Ray's to baby that will help. Also if it is increasing then please consult with your doctor for some medication or phototherapy...
Answer: Hi, i think its more please contact your pediatrician and confirm with her .
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Question: My 8days old baby has billirubin 11.2mg,is it safe ?
Answer: Actully in new born babies .. its keep on changing .. you must expose your baby to sunlight light more ... Specially morning sunlight and evening sunlight .. it will decrease .. so please keep your baby in sunlught first ,feed your baby breast milk 2nd hourly or whenever baby cry...try to keep baby in lights in room also. Specially high light ..
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Question: My baby is 3 days old billirubin total is 10.0 billirubin unconjugated ( indirect) 8.9 billirubin conjugated (Direct) .1.1 is this normal plzzz tell me the answer
Answer: Hi most of the babies will have elevated bilirubin during first 15 days in the neonatal period. Breast feeding, sun exposure over 15 mins in morning and evening will help to reduce day by day.
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Question: how to reduce jaundice..my baby has 168 total billirubin
Answer: Hello! I think it is 16.8. To reduce jaundice in babies, show them in early morning sun around 7- 8 and breast feed the baby more The more they breast feed the better.
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