2 months old baby

Question: My baby has been given 1 and half month injection on leg since 2 days passed it has not been healed when will it be healed

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Answer: Hi dear...hope ur baby is fine...please apply ice pack to the vaccination area...it will give soothing effect and ur baby will feel better.. don't worry..it will heal up soon....take care
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Question: My baby has not passed stools since 2 days and she is 26 months old.
Answer: Hello dear! Your baby is constipated. It could happen due to many reasons like less water intake,low fibre food,not enough food,not enough activity etc. Give your baby ample amount of fibres:Apple,pear,banana,spinach,fenugreek! Make a juice of any of these fruits or veggies and give it to your baby well atleast twice a day! Make sure your baby exercises well everyday and is active throughout the day! Keep your baby hydrated around 1.2 litres of water should be given in constipation
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Question: Hi, my son is 2 and a half month old. He got vaccinated in government hospital. They gave 1 injection to the leg and drops in mouth. But, for 1 and a half month they had given 2 injections.. 1 in leg and 1 in hand. Want to know is it just 1 injection for 2 and a half month. Please let me know..
Answer: Hi yes dear in 1 and half mont 2 injection and one drop. 2 and half one injection one drop and in three and half month again 2 injection and one drop. Don't worry they had given correct dose.
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Question: 1 and half month and 2 and half month injection have not given to my baby. Any thing will happen to my baby
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to worry and their is no problem if you have missed out. Speak to your doctor, and if possible give those missed vaccines too. Take care
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