10 months old baby

Question: My baby got redness with in diper area and on thighs but that i am not able to get it that it is rashes or something else.. plzz help me out what to do

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Answer: Hello! Redness is mostly rashes only. There is nothing to worry. What you need to do first is to stop using wet wipes,if using. It makes it worse. If possible completely avoid using. Also use coconut oil on the area or diaper rash cream. Make sure after every potty and if baby puts diaper ,then after every diaper change or after every pee, the area is properly washed and dried and then coconut oil or diaper rash cream is applied. If the baby is on diapers then give some diaper free time. Follow this for some time, it will get better. Hope this helps. Take care
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Answer: apply himalayas rash cream n see if it does not reduce apply calsoft or caladew calamine lotion. do not wear diaper till the rash reduces. wear cotton nappies
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Answer: Hi.. Use a gentle, fragrance-free baby  wash or essential oil can be used for example Earth Mama or Angel Baby shampoo/body wash, use only once a day, rinse well with a soft damp cloth. Don't put anything on it. She will be fine.
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