13 months old baby

Question: My baby got one year..she getting sweat in total head part..is it ok??

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Question: So much sweat in my bra? It is ok?
Answer: Hi , dear all hormonal changes can make you sweat more and it's normal dont worry about it. Just wear loose and cotton clothes.
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Question: my baby is 6 months old, she is getting sweat on head, why is it so? is it OK?
Answer: Hello Dear, Sweating in babies - Babies spend much more time in this deepest stage of sleep they're more likely to sweat during the night.Sweating is very common, but excessive sweating could mean that something isn't right in case of excessive sweating may be a sign of something more serious, so if you are worried at all about your baby sweating, talk to your pediatrician.
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Question: My Baby is 6 month old. My concern is she sweat alots in head.
Answer: Almost all babies sweat a lot. Baby metabolism is high, hence the sweating. Since the sweat glands in the armpits of babies are not activated, unlike adults, their heads perspire. It is completely normal. Nothing to worry. Keep wiping. Oil and wash her head daily.
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