5 months old baby

Question: My baby got her 14weeks vaccination on her thighs its gonna be a month still there is a knot on the vaccinated area

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Answer: Apply ice on the slowen part....it will be melt
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Question: Hi..My baby had vaccination 4 days ago. The place where he got vaccinated has swelled little bit. I tried an ice pack on the area, but still its the same.My baby doesn't feel any pain.Any remedies to reduce swelling
Answer: hi dear! The vaccines are designed to cause your child's immune system to respond as if the child had come into contact with the illness. This can sometimes cause flu like symptoms (not because the child is getting sick but because the immune system is responding). The redness and swelling at the site is an immune reaction similar to what you would see if a cut got infected. so dont worry its just normal. it should go down by a weeks time. see to it that there is no fever . if fever is present then you should consult the doctor for them to evaluate further. normally there is no fever. so dont worry . it should come down within a week. take care! i hope this information was useful to you .
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Question: Hi.. after my baby got vaccinated her thie area is still swallon.what should i do
Answer: Hi Mommy... Try applying ice cube on area where she got swallon. If shez feeling pain try applying cloth dippied in warm water it will relieve her from pain soon... Try applying vicks. Hope this helps u..
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Question: My baby got a lump on her thigh after the vaccination ...its been a month n still the lump did not dissolve ...kindly suggest ?
Answer: Ice se thoda sa sikaai kr de dheere dheere chala jayega
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