1 months old baby

Question: My baby girl while feeding pushes away from drinking sometimes during day. What is the reason for this? She cries and regects the milk after drinking for 5 min. Is it becoz of imbalance of milk or flow of milk or any other reason?

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Answer: There could be multiple reasons. Firstly if flow is high and if she sucks well her tummy may get full in 5 mins. Secondly she may cry for burp so try to burp her and then feed again you may switch side. Thirdly, because if change in flow may fast to slow or slow to fast, if its fast then try pressing outside the aerol with two fingers in either side this will block some flow and keep rotating your finger position to avoid blockage, if its slow then try massaging/squeesing the breast.
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Question: I am having overflow or heavy flow of milk while breastfeeding because of this my baby is having problem in drinking milk . He cries a lot due to the flow. How do i maintain or reduce the flow.. Please suggest
Answer: Hi Mum as your baby is one month now he is not taking proper field that is the reason why you are getting over Pro of Milkar so please don't take any medicine to control the milk secretion because once it take any medicine that will affect a letter when your baby grows up he might need more milk secretion SF now you could avoid taking more Milk products avoid eating much rice that helps to reduce the milk secretion and also you could feed a baby by keeping your fingers in V shaped catching the nipple this helps baby to how good feed and it will also control the flow of milk
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Question: My baby now a day not feeding properly , either she sleeps or plays while feeding,only 5 min she is drinking,she on breastfeed only
Answer: No problem if ur baby drinks for only 5 minutes each time.. avoid distractions around, feed in a peaceful noiseless environment.. if your babies urine count is 6-8+ then she is getting adequate feed and u need not worry about.. feed every 2 hours even if she drinks 5 minutes it is fine... let her sleep and play so that baby feels hunger and drink better.. if you see weight gain and adequate urine count then dont worry about the minutes ur baby takes feed
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Question: My baby is making some strange sound while drinking milk and sometimes she hiccough after drinking milk. And she make bubbles on saliva. What is the reason for this? Do she have mucus?
Answer: Hi, I think ur baby s not latching on properly. Try to hold her in proper position while feeding. Brown portion should b correctly swallowed/ latched by baby mouth. Hiccups r common in babies. If u r worried too much then visit doctor.
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