1 months old baby

Question: My baby girl skin is red around her private part. What should i do. And can massage be done in such a case

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Answer: Dear it can be rash so you can apply coconut oil on the area and also clean it frequently with fresh water..
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    Zenita Malhotra423 days ago

    I applied Himalaya baby powder as of now. Is that fine ??

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Question: My baby skin is red in diaper area? What can be d reason? Can it be some allergy? Should I take her to a doctor?
Answer: Hi dear, It would be diaper rash. And rashes in those cute little bump can be discomforting for baby. U can follow some home remedies to treat diaper rashes like first of all warm that area with plain water only or dip cotton ball and wash then let that dry become dry, apply coconut oil or desi ghee and wear him/her diaper. Always change ur babies diaper after 2 hours also it's very important to give ur baby diaper free time at home during day time. Avoid using wipes on that area as they contain alcohol which can irritate their skin. There many other diaper rash cream available in the market u can go for the one which contain zinc oxide as its really very helpful treat diaper rash. Take care of the munchie.
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Question: Is it normal to get constipation around 32-33rd week of pregnancy? What should i do in such a case?
Answer: Hi, there is a lot of reasons for constipation.  Meals shi na Hona, jab man tab khana, ek baar me bahut jyada khana, fir kafi time tak kuch nhi khana. Ye sab kuch normal issue h.  Ise thik krne ke liye to sabse phle aap apne diet ko shi kijiye.  Ek baar me kam khaiye aur har 2-3 ghante pr kuch khaiye.khane Ka time fix hona Chahiye khana hmesa acchi tarah se chabakar khaiye.. yoga aur walk krna is samay aapke liye sabse best hoga. Khana khane k baad kuch 10 minutes walk krne ka niyam bna lijiye isse aapko baut aaram milega. Loose kapre pahniye. Apne khane me liquid diet jyada se jyada lijiye. Kisi v medicine KO lene se phle ane doctor se jrur miliye. You can take isbagol also. Hi, you can try this... Drink plenty of water. This can keep your poop from getting too hard and dry.... Eat more fiber. Fruit, vegetables, and whole grains, such as oatmeal and popcorn, all add fiber to your diet. ...... Ask your parents to use olive oil and other healthy oils in their cooking. ... Add fiber-rich foods such as a cereal, fruits, vegetables, and beans to your diet. If you can't get your fill from food, try fiber supplements. Finally, exercise is known to boost bowel motility. If lifestyle changes aren't working, ask your doctor about over-the-counter stool softeners like Colace.
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Question: My baby is 8 months old she is having small red Dane on her face and rashes too what should be done in this case?
Answer: Hi.. Stop applying powder and baby creams for few days.. check if the allergy is because of any baby products.. if yes then try to change the products and check.. Also massage baby body with home made butter or coconut oil everyday..
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