11 months old baby

Question: My baby girl is vometting everytime she eats. She is not eating properly too. Please suggest what i can feed her so that she wont vomits. Please help.

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Answer: Hello dear It is Worrisome, if ur baby is not eating anything. As all the babies at this age are doing the same. It might be due to various reasons: 1. Does not like the taste of food he eat 2. They don't like the texture of food So, make for baby different taste food so that baby can enjoy the food and love the taste.
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Question: My baby is 13 month old but she is not eating food properly so I have to feed her force fully please tell me why she is not eating and how to feed her?
Answer: Dear you should not feed forcefully . When you eat take baby with you . Give small food at one time . Try different foods . Now baby can eat all foods . While giving foods give light of musical toys .
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Question: Hi I am latha ,my baby is not eating food ,ceralac,biscuits .she is staying with my milk only ,starting she ate very nice but now she is not eating any thing ,so please suggest me what to give her
Answer: Try other liquid and semi liquid food to your child like a milkshake smoothies fruit juices and thin porridges. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is not eating food properly nd her weight is low she is above one year nd her weight is 9 what to do help plss
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood Dear all babies have same issue they dint want 2 take food so dear lets her busy in watching tv..watching cartoons...lishning rhymes ..or any musical toys or her favourite toys ..when see she busy then feed food 2 baby.nd give her favourite food too . Try it if irs works its good otherwise ask to ur dr he ll gives medicine nd she ll hungry nd take food by his own. Try it .
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