Few days old baby

Question: My baby girl is only five days. She has fever and doctor tested procalcitonin. Today reveived the redult. The value is .27, Is there any problem? What are the side effectd?

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Question: I'm 22 weeks pregnant and suffering from cold and fever.. my doctor has prescribed paracetamol.. my question is there any side effects regarding the medicine?
Answer: Hello Dear fever cold cough are very common in pregnancy as our body becomes very delicate n prone to smallest of infection. Paracetamol as SOS yes yu can take it is still considered safe in pregnancy but in limit yu jus can't pop up pill whenever u in slightest pain. Try these remedies it may help *Eat healthy diet with lots of green vegetables,fruits n extra vitamin c. *Stay hydrated with water, juices, herbal tea *Plenty of rest *add two or three drops of eucalyptus oil in steamer inhale the steam *Boil Tulsi black pepper in water till half in quantity strain add honey n drink *Ginger juice with honey helps a lot in cough *Gargle with salt n little jaldi water *Drink chicken soup or vegetable soup with little black pepper in it *Have tumeric milk with black pepper elachi before bed time. Hope this helps
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Question: my girl don't get weight gain... has she any heart problems... what are the symptoms?
Answer: Hi dear, if your baby is not gaining wt ,it doesnt mean your baby has heart problem. Give your baby protein rich diet( egg,fish, chicken, pneer, tofu, lentils, legumes) to gain wt. She should drink atleast 250ml of milk per day. If your baby is active and achiving all developmental milestones then there is no problem.
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Question: My wife has taken inj proluten 2 doses .is there any side effectd
Answer: SIDE EFFECTS: Pain/swelling at injection site,breast tenderness, headache, weight gain/loss, acne, nausea, increased body/facial hair, loss of scalp hair, drowsiness, or dizziness may occur
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