1 months old baby

Question: My baby girl is constipating in sleep she is 2 years old

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Answer: Hi dear plz clarify ur concern as I couldnt understand what u want to ask
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Question: iam 26 years old i have one girl she is 8 years old after one girl i want next baby
Answer: You may not be able to resolve any health issues immediately, but taking these steps as soon as possible prepares you for a healthy pregnancy. Plan for a healthy pregnancy Begin taking folic acid at least one month before you start trying to conceive. This nutrient can dramatically reduce the risk of certain birth defects. Figure out when you ovulate The key to getting pregnant quickly is figuring out when you'll ovulate, or release an egg from your ovary. You can use a few different methods to determine when you ovulate. Our article on predicting ovulation walks you through them. (If you have irregular periods, pinpointing ovulation could be difficult. Ask your provider for advice.) . Have sex at the right time Once you know your time frame for ovulation, plan to have sex during your most fertile window, which is two to three days before ovulation through the day you ovulate.
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Question: My baby is 11and half months old ,she has a constipating problem what to do
Answer: Hello! if your baby is having difficulty pooping, she could be constipated.raisins are one of the best home remedies for baby constipation. Raisins are the good source of minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It is one of the easy to use home remedy in treating constipation problem. Raisins really help to regulate the bowel movement. Take 5 – 6 black raisins, wash it well.Now in a saucepan, add ½ cup water and raisins. Bring it to a good boil, simmer the flame and let it reduce til its half in quantity.Now allow it to cool down, mash the raisins with a masher or with clean hands.Strain it through a strainer and give this solution to your baby early in the morning.Continue until your baby passes stool comfortably.
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Question: Hi my baby girl now 2 years old now she killed hand finger Mouse now just
Answer: Hello Dear Has the baby killed a mouse with her hand? Please be a little specific.
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