1 months old baby

Question: My baby girl is 52 days old..found yellow colour in vomiting. What's the reason behind this. Is there anything to worry

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Question: What's the reason behind in my vomiting 🤮 my food 🍲 will out in pregnancy 🤰 stage 8th week..?? 🤔
Answer: The Hcg hormones are causing these symptoms .Do not worry.You will e fine once you enter 2nd trimester. Home remedies that you may use are lemon water with very little ginger added and jeera water
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Question: I am having bad order discharge since 3 -4 days.. what's the reason? Is there anything to worry?
Answer: If the discharge is smelly you must immediately consult doctor. Don't keep for long. It's not normal. Cud be vaginal infection
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Question: What does the yellow colour on hand,foot and nose indicate ? Is there anything to worry?
Answer: Consult your dr please.. May be some kind of symptoms .so please rush to the hospital...
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