Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby girl is 13 days old. People asks me to squeeze the milk in babys breast otherwise it will cause hardness. What should i do...

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Answer: Hello dear It is normal for babies to have mild or even swollen, enlarged breasts or lumps under the nipple. They are mainly due to exposure to maternal hormones in the womb. These lumps and enlarged breasts in the baby may be quite noticeable at birth. They might even continue to grow after birth for a while. If you were to pinch them, some real breast milk may be expressed. Over weeks, or sometimes even months, when there is no more exposure to the hormones, the breast tissue begins to shrink and eventually becomes quite flat. Occasionally a normal, small amount of tissue remains, but it does not grow or cause discomfort. Don't worry it will go itself
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Question: I delivered a baby girl through caesarean ... She is 3 days old.... What should I eat/drink to increase milk production.... If I squeeze my breast , only 2-3 drops of milk is pouring out....
Answer: Add cumin seeds in your food and add lactic powder in luckwarm milk
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Question: My baby (girl) is 22 days old she is lactating (breast white milky discharge) should I have to squeeze during massage time or not what should I do
Answer: Dear don't worry about the extract in the breastof the baby don't try to remove it it will just dry on its own it happens because of the hormone supply which the mother was giving to the baby during pregnancy
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Question: My 5 months baby nit drink milk from one breast, so i squeeze it in bowl then i will give it in spoon is it k
Answer: Yes usually babies reject milk frm one side .. so what you are doing is absolutely correct... also try feeding in the other side when baby is drowsy or sleepy...
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