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Question: My baby girl is 10days old. Which soap is best to improve her colour and could you please suggest me which baby soap, hair oil and powder are best to use?

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Answer: your baby girl is 10 days old a little. you can use Green Gram Bengal gram powder . massage with coconut oil before you bath your baby can give her a good moisture as well as maintain a good colour . you can use Himalayas baby powder and shampoo . but to retain the moisture content of the baby teddybar soap is quite good . you can apply normal coconut oil to baby's head .. you can also make it utban powder at home for your babies bath with sun dried rose petals Bengal gram and other ingredients . teddy bar soap is good on new born skin..
Answer: Hi, Cetaphil is the best soap for any skin type.its made for sensitive skin.u can also get head to toe wash from Cetaphil baby wash.massage your baby with almond oil,and Himalaya creams too are good for babys skin.Heard derma dew soap also works well on babys skin.
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Question: My baby girl is 10days old. Which soap is the better for baby bath to improve her body colour? And also suggest me to use best baby soap, hair oil and powder ??
Answer: hi dear first of all congratulations for the baby now I would just like to suggest you to not use soap at all to the baby at this temperature because it will make the baby's skin very dry no powder either and for hair oil you can use virgin coconut oil for the babies hair but one more thing is that the original complexion remains same no use of soap hair oil or powder or cream can make the complexion better because it is something which is inherited by the genes and is decided at the conception.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Which soap and oil is best for baby colour improve
Answer: Hello dear... You can use coconut oil or almond oil for massaging ,it will increase the skin tone of baby,and can use Himalaya baby soap,it increases complexion and give glow tobabies skin, personally me tried this for my son,and got result
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Question: Which soap,oil and powder is best for girl baby
Answer: Hello dear, you can use Himalaya, seamed anyone as per your baby skin. it completely depend on your baby skin texture. Try any product, if you don't see any rashes or dryness after using, means it's best for your baby.
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