1 months old baby

Question: My baby get wound on hip.... What should i apply to heal her quick?

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Answer: hi the basis to apply the breast milk because it is the best remedy you can also apply coconut oil which will help or aloe vera gel
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Question: what did I shall do to heal the breast nipple wound made of breastfeeding my kid
Answer: Hii u can use nipcare cream.that is best for the wound of nipple. Also coconut oil u can apply. But nipcare is more affective. U can apply it in one nipple and feed baby with other one. Make sure to wash it properly before feeding baby from that nipple. Also if pain is unbearable then do buy nipple shield. That u can attach to your nipple and baby can feed. All the best.
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Question: What things should be taken after C-section to heal the wound fast.
Answer: Hello dear, you can try this for relief... Witch hazel is a godsend to new moms. You can mix your peri bottle with ½ water and ½ witch hazel and use it every time you pee, or use it whenever you need to cool the burn... You can wet a pad and place it in the freezer. Apply it to your peri area for 20 minutes or so. This will help cool down the area. Another idea is to soak a pad in witch hazel and place it in the fridge.... Many women with stitches after normal delivery are afraid to have a bowel movement. With your doctor’s okay, use a stool softener to help things come out a little easier.... Clean yourself a few times daily even if you have not used the bathroom. Bacteria can start growing pretty quick, especially if you are bleeding pretty heavily. Go in the bathroom and rinse with your peri bottle and pat dry.
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Question: what should i apply on my baby swallowing gums ??? her first 2 teeth are coming
Answer: Hello dear! Teething is a painful phase and i have listed few common symptom below; 1) Drooling 2) Swollen gums 3) Irritability 4) Loss of sleep 5) Trying to bite and suck everything comes his way. 6)Rejection of food etc. Few babies poop loose too. To answer your query, If your baby might nt want to have solid please provide liquid and lots of breast milk as it works as a soother. Massage the gum of your baby with a cold and clean muslin cloth wrapping in your finger. Give the baby cold teether to suck on. You can give home made fruit popsicles too to suck on it will ease the pain... Good luck & hope this helps!
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