3 months old baby

Question: My baby gal is 3 months old and she is doing potty 15 20 times since her birth. Also she spits up milk and sometimes curd too. What to do to control her potty

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Question: My baby is 8 weeks old. She doesnt poo everyday. Once in 3 or 2 days and her fart stinks so much. She also spits milk too much. What can i do to make her normal
Answer: Hi! Its normal for breastfed babies to poop at an interval, since the babies are on milk it produces a lot of gas and its good that Its coming out. Please give a nice massage around naval clock and anti clock wise. Give enough tummy time Make his legs exercise in by cycle motion. Burp the baby well after feed A nice steam bath also helps and ease the pain. Spitting out curdled milk is common in babies, since their food pipe is still being developed , some milk remains in the food pipe and stomach gas throws it out which becomes curdled and it is normal. Keep feeding the baby and burp it well after every feed. Good luck!
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Question: Hi..my baby is 27 days old..she spits up even after burping...and sometimes everything comes out of her nose..is this common? Sometime she spits up milk and sometimes it will be like curd.. which is common?
Answer: Hi this is a very common problem babies have. But you should remember one thing only the excess intake is coming out from their mouth. So nothing to worry at allReflux is normal upto 3-4 months of age. While feeding, baby takes air along with milk. When u hold baby in upright position for burping, air bubbles come up settling milk down. Sometimes, excess milk comes as a reflux .. Try to burp the baby at least three times after every feed. Make sure baby is feeding well too
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Question: 3 months old baby boy vomiting too much some times curd form sometimes spit out milk what should I do
Answer: Please give a proper brrupp after every feeding ..This will help them to digest milk easily ..
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