17 months old baby

Question: My baby fell from sofa with face facing? What are the things I have to check for head injury? After a while he is active and playful

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Answer: Press her head softly,see any kind of swelling,give him warm liquid things
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Question: My baby fell down from bed in the middle of the night. She started crying but after i fed her, she became normal and slept. What are the things I should check now to double sure that she is fine?
Answer: Hi....if she has got settled then there wouldnt be any problem...as u said she went back to sleep and alsi if a baby is havinh any problem or pain...the baby will not drink milk...but in your case she drank milk and slept...so vert normal...To be on the safer side for next 24 hrs monitor if she gets vomitting,guidiness....if nothing then forget this and move on
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Question: My 1yr old baby fell down from sofa he cry sometime and get normal but the baby have problem
Answer: Hi dear if u feels that there is some problem which baby is facing due to falling down then plz don't wait and consult doctor. Always make sure that if baby get any bump then apply ice in it. Do monitor baby if he is not vomiting.
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Question: My baby fell from the sofa and hit her head.... She cried for a while and after feeding she slept normally...after getting up she is behaving normally...is there any issue which needs doctor's attention?
Answer: Go to the doctor if there is any internal injury it will come in notice. Dont ignore.
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