1 months old baby

Question: My baby feels uncomfortable. And he is having like vomiting sensation. Shall i give bonnisan or gripe water. He is 19 days old. Pls suggest.

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Answer: There is no scientific evidence on the efficiency of gripe water or bonnison on kids. However, elders in house suggest these to kids as they became household name for ages. Initially gripe water has alcohol in it. But now there is no alcohol traces in gripe water. Hence, consult your pediatrician before giving any sort of medication to lill ones
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Question: Hi my baby is 53 days old..Shall I give Bonnisan to him?pls reply
Answer: S dear, bonnisan is safe for babies,,it reduces colic pains,abdominal pains and also imprives digestion system also...tq
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Question: Can i give gripe water for 19 days old baby
Answer: Hi... There is no scientific evidence to prove that gripe water is safe or unsafe for the baby. Its impact is subjective. Whereas many mothers have found gripe water helpful, some found it of no significant benefit to the baby but not necessarily unsafe. Most parents vouch for the goodness of gripe water. The most visible positive effect is the baby’s ability to sleep peacefully due to relief from pain and discomfort caused by gastric problems. In any case, always consult your pediatrician before giving your baby gripe water. You must also consult the pediatrician about the dosage instead of following the instructions given on the label. The younger the baby, the more careful you need to be about introducing gripe water.
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Question: 70 days old baby for digestion wat to give gripe water or bonnisan
Answer: hi dear there is nothing more easily digestible food other than breastmilk so your baby doesn't need any digestive like bonasin or gripewater or any kind of Gutti . so please avoid them and let your baby naturally adapt to digestion
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