4 months old baby

Question: My baby feeds only 5 mins each time.he is 4 months 3 days old.his weight is 5.7 and was 2.6 kg on birth..and my milk production is also going low..how to make him to feed more atleast 15 mins on each feed

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Answer: Dear see if baby will not latch properly then breastmilk will go down. So firstly to increase breastmilk feed your baby more frequently because breastmilk is like supply on demand the more baby will feed the more it come. Also spent skin to skin time with your baby that's really important because that will stimulate your hormones and increase breastmilk. There are Super foods they are called for increasing breastmilk - garlic, almonds, oats, cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds. Use them in your food daily, make them a part of your meals. All these are supposed to increase your breastmilk.
Answer: Up to 4 to 5 month babys weight should b double .... in ur case it happens hence baby is completely normal and healthy
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Question: My baby feeds after every 15-20 mins of feeding . Rather i feed her atleast 30 mins or till when she demands... So i want to know that it can be because of low milk supply
Answer: Yes , may be the baby's hunger is not satisfied . Drink a glass full of Fennel seeds(saunf) soaked warm.water after every feed , add garlic in your daily menu , take lactare capsules thrice a day ( 2 capsules each time) and lactare granules in milk twice a day.
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Question: My baby is 18 days old he feeds atleast 45 min or hour and sometimes more also is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear... yes, it is normal,babies in initial day will feed for longer time,but it should be reduced after some time,so dont get worried
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Question: my baby is on bm..how can i increase his weight as he juss feeds only 5 mins..if i try to feed him more than 5 mins he doesnt suck
Answer: it depends, time ka kuch nai rehta...may b Ur milk flow is good so hez stomach gets full
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