5 years old baby

Question: My baby don't eat curd and that curd smell also she didn't like

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Answer: You can give other alternatives, let it be if baby doesn't like to have curd..you can offer milk, cottage cheese, amul cheese etc..as it is in this weather avoid giving curd as of now, because it is cool in nature..🙂
Answer: Dear baby do get fussy sometimes so you can add some fruit in it like banana or mashed apple baby will love it..
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Question: I hv white discharge like curd it's smell also same curd. It is normal
Answer: Hi dear, curdy discharge with smell mostly indicates bacterial of fungal infection. You should consult your doctor as soon as possible and take proper medication. If left untreated this infection can cause harm to your baby. Eat healthy and nutritious diet and specially add yoghurt in your regular diet to fight with infection. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is now 17 months but she don't like milk products like milk, curd, paneer, and not fruit she only eat chapati, rice, paratha daliya
Answer: Hi.. Don't worry.. Feed ur baby whatever he likes. Baby's taste will develop slowly. Just think that atleast baby is eating something.. But as i am doing i am mashing vegetables and adding it to roti or paratha and giving to baby and in this way.. Vegetables are also going in babies stomach.. U can also try it.
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Question: My baby is 7 month old and she don't like to drink milk. She don't eat fruits also. She likes to eat food that we eat. So what to do with her problem of not drinking milk??
Answer: Hi dear. Milk is really important for babies at least up to 1 year. You will have to keep trying. Baby is 7 months so she must have started holding things so buy a colorful sippy cup for baby which will make her interest . Offer milk again and again but don't do it forcefully . You also drink milk while offering milk to her, kids eat more in company of others. Taste it's flavor by adding cardamom etc. Keep trying dear but don't take stress
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