1 months old baby

Question: My baby doing potty again and again is tha normal she's a baby girl❓

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Question: My baby is 2 days old and today doing potty a lot... Is it normal??
Answer: Don't worry its absolutely normal. My kiddie experienced the same and my doc said upto 3months 5-10 times potty a day or sometimes no potty for 5 days is normal.also the infants system produces a lot of gas it is not because of your food,please eat healthy as the kid need all the nutrition.
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Question: My baby is doing potty again and again after feeding , in green color.What should I do
Answer: Ho,green potty indicates that there is a imbalance in foremilk and hindmilk Or it happens when the baby drinks more milk at a time it creates gas and leads to indigestion. Also Mother s diet plays a very imp role and this also indicates mother's sensitivity to any food item You should have a healthy diet Mother s should take meal at regular intervals ,You should have 5-6 meals in a day to avoid gas and acidity. Take a fibre rich dietthat also will help you in bowel movements. Eat plenty if fruits and vegetables Keep yourself well hyderated 10-13 glasses.of water ,you can also have fruit juice Drink buttermilk will help help to reduce dehydration and and relieves from constipation Intake if figs and prunes will help your baby to relieve in constipation. Boil water with ajwain seed,you drink and breast feed your baby.it helps a lot in digestion.
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Question: Plz tell me my daughter is crying a lot.she is doing potty again and again..suggest plz
Answer: It seems that the baby has stomach infection. Please talk to the doctor and give ors sips and plenty of fluids. If the baby has started with outside food then give curd and banana. This help in loose motions.
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