3 months old baby

Question: My baby doesn't sleep easily . She needs walk or to be rocked for around 40min n for those 40min she keeps on crying.. plzzz suggest me what shud I do bcz I can't roam here n there for such long period

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Question: Hi my baby is nine months old, she doesn't sleep properly during night when i start feeding her she doesn't leave the nipple and keeps it in her mouth which is hurting and doesn't allow me to sleep if i try to take it out she wakes up and starts crying is there any solution for the same.
Answer: Hi dear don't worry this problem has been faced by me also with my daughter the whole night she will take a field but whenever I I want she might cry like terribly and then my doctor told when there is not enough milk secretion in when there is not tummy full for baby then they might do this so she asked me to introduce top milk at night for baby and also she asked me to take more milk and rich in food items are in order to have good milk secretion so you could also try that and hope your baby will sleep well
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Question: baby wants to be sleep fed, ever since she turned 5 months old. She keeps sucking for hrs together, which leaves me with painful nipples. If i take the nipple out after sometime, she starts crying and looks for the nipple, by opening her mouth. not sure if she is hungry or needs assurance that i am around.
Answer: Hello dear she remains hungry after long time feeding. Because child suck 10-15 mins breast to feeding. If she suck more than that time the milk supply might be slow or not enough. You have to take more nutrition to increase breast milk or use other source for milk
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Question: My baby breastfeeds frequently for longer periods She keeps crying when I put her down.. She doesn't sleep during the day and always wants to be fed.. Does this mean she isn't getting enough milk from me?
Answer: Babies cry also for comfort and warmth also. Hence try to swaddle the baby lightly. This will help the baby to feel the warmth and will sleep comfortably also.
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