2 months old baby

Question: My baby doesn't burp after every feed. Is it OK?

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Answer: Yes it's absolutely okkk. You just put your baby up wards on your shoulders for 10-15 min even if he doesn't burp.
Answer: is it nrml bt agr burp nhi leta to koshish kre use side le k sulane ki is k dudh digest ho jaye ga
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Question: Hello everyone... My baby girl is 12 days old she doesn't burp after every feed.... Is burping after every feed important?? What to do if she doesn't burp after feed?? Is there any issues? I m worried plz help
Answer: hello dear after feeding put your baby on your shoulders like hug position and pat her back gently after sometimes she will take burp. usually it takes 10 to 15 min.
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Question: My baby doesn't burp. Is it ok?
Answer: Baby should burp If he does not than it means the gas is accumulating in stomach and will cause pain to baby. It is important to keep baby on your shoulder and pat in upper middle part of chest If you are unable to do it properly I will advise one visit yo paediatrician and let him show you the place exact. You can also try by massaging baby's back while he is resting in shoulder
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Question: It is mandatory to burp the baby after every feed
Answer: Babies are pretty active in the uterus. They move around and change position frequently, especially up to the end of the second trimester. During the last trimester, babies usually favour a head-down position, but can move their backs from one side to another, or even move into a posterior position (baby’s back against mother’s back). Your belly will change shape and size depending on the position your baby is in.
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Question: If baby is not splitting after every feed is it necessary to burp her after every feed ? Specially at night?
Answer: Hello dear, you must burp your baby after every feed otherwise this will lead to gas build up in your baby's stomach...so please burp her even during the night feeds...it may disturb her sleep for a while but it's better than having a cranky gassy baby...
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