5 months old baby

Question: My baby continue to rub her eyes in the night while sleeping as well as she cry ...why she rib her eyes and what would be the reason?how to prevent?

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Answer: Its normal bcz if baby is sleepy she does rub her eyes
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Question: My baby is 25 days old,she is not sleeping in the night time and always want me to feed..while feeding she is sleeping and not taking her mouth from my nipple..what would the reason for this
Answer: hello dear. don't get panic... this is common. my kid also used to do the same.. now he is 2 years old..the reason behind his not sleeping can be hunger.. overslept during afternoon or colic.. try to feed her 20 mins each from both breast... gently pat her on shoulder.. just Check weather she is feeling uncomfortable due to hot or cold weather.. make sure that she is not colic... Take care!
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Question: My baby is waking up hourly at night. Why? Sleeps at my arms and as i put him on bed starts to cry. What would be the reason?
Answer: Hi! Its absolutely normal fr a baby of only 7 months to do that becz they sleep on your smell and touch they feel comfortable and can sleep well, my 2.8 yr does the same since her birth, thr is no specific reason neither its abmormal, its very normal.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello... my baby always rub her eyes.. why she do so? any harm for eyes? what she trying to say?
Answer: Rubbing eyes is a signal for sleep. Follow a sleep routine for baby so that baby doesn't feel tired and sleepy all the time.
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