2 years old baby

Question: My baby boy never plays with toys neither he has interest.he always plays with balls.is it a thing to be worried

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Answer: Nothing to worry dear...babies have their own comfort zone....let them do whatever they like and let them.play with the toys they like...it is normal...there is nothing to worry
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Question: My baby oftenly plays with utensils and potatoes garlic not played with toys
Answer: This is normal and same with every baby. They want to explore everything, so don't worry let her play with whatever she like.
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Question: My daughter don't want to share any thing n she always plays along or with me
Answer: We should always remember that we parents are real heroes for our kids.. They learn what they see, if they will see you sharing and helping, they will develop the habit themself.. Explain it to your child, make the baby understand the values, the child will develop it, gradually, but be patient.. I am sure your baby will understand.
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Question: Hi..my lil boy baby is 1.7 year old and he hasnt started walking yet...he is just started with tryng to hold and stand...His all activities are normal, he reacts, immitates, but asks us to carry him all the time...is it normal?? He doesnt show much interest in playing with toys, he never plays by himself. Is it fine?
Answer: Hello dear ....You should consult a orthopedic once as generally kids started walking by 1.5 year ...It's bit late . Not playing alone is fine at this age as he is still small ...Take care 😊
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