6 months old baby

Question: My baby boy is completed 6 months he is not gainig his weight his born weight was 3800 but now he is not cross 6 from past 2 months...

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Question: My baby boy is one month 24 days old.. When he was born his weight was 2.75kg now his weight is 3.6kg. His weight is normal?
Answer: Yes dear. Ideally babies gain on an average 450 grams every month and double the birth weight by 6 months. So if we consider this your baby is doing great in terms of weight. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby was 7 months old he was not gaining weight at all. now he was only 6 .2 kgs wtf have to do improve his weight
Answer: Hi dear,... Baby weight is directly proportional to the healthy food.at times baby looks leaner but weight wise seems fine.every baby has its own pace of growth.as a mother you need to keep giving baby,healthy food options,and avoid any sugary food,or refined foods.give plenty of veggies ,fruits,daal, rice.healthy carbohydrates would help in gaining more weight for your baby.idli,dosa,Dalia,oats are some good options.dry fruits etc would also help in gaining weight.also make sure baby is not force fed.remember baby needs to be active rather than obese.healthy weight and overweight needs to be cleared.you want a healthy weight in your baby ,never try hard to make your child fat...
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Question: Hi Doc, my baby boy was born fair but now his skin color is getting slowly dark please help , he is 2 months old
Answer: hello.. dear every is unique and different.. moreover babies changes in the color weekly or as their age grows..more importantly colour is dependent on the genetics .. if you both are fair in colour then definitely baby progress well in color as his age grew.. dont worry
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