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Question: My baby boy is 45 days old. We noticed a bulge in belly button. Doctor wrote umb herniated and GERD. Is is cureable and required any medical treatment or can be cured of its own.

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Answer: My baby also have the same problem. It is umbilical hernia. Nd it vl take time to go Dr ask me to wait till oke year. If not you have to consult with a pediatric surgeon. .
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    Aditi Mishra598 days ago

    The belly botton was in during birth till one month.. last 10 days m noticing it has came out.what can b the reason?

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    sabrin bint saludeen597 days ago

    Baby might have put lot of pressure in the abdominal area while crying or pooping. . Since their muscles at that region is loose belly button will pop out.. if it is looking bulged outside then this condition is known as umbilical hernia.. you vl have to wait till one year... by then it may go down... it's not such a big matter if concern. . If the area around navel seems to be reddish or hard then u vl have to consult with ur pediatrician.

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Question: My baby is 45 days old. His belly button seems to be bulged. Will it get cured automatically?
Answer: Yes. Newborns belly button is buldged out for a few weeks after birth and will be settled after some time. Personally, I got malish done on my baby's body you can opt for it too.
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Question: Hi my belly button swelling outside too much. My doctor told its umbellical hernea. I couldn't get it. Please explain what is it and any problem with that
Answer: Not to worry about this. It happens due to stret in belly or over weight or over pressure in abdomen. It will cure soon. 5ake rest.
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Question: My baby boy is 45 days old his belly button coming outside little bit and when i put a finger on it it is going inside is there any problem or what to do to make it to be inside
Answer: Do not push his belly button . It goes inside by itself in few months .
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