1 months old baby

Question: My baby boy is 42 days old. Birth weight 2.95. last checked on 36th day 3.9 kg. He has been passing watery green color stool since 3 days and today he has passed 7 times from morning. Please let me know if it is normal.

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Question: My baby has a dierrahea since one week and she passed green color stool..and it's watery
Answer: Hi.. Dear green stool is usually the result of a high quantity of leafy, green vegetables in mother's diet.If food moves too quickly through the intestine, bile pigment can't break down sufficient lying, resulting in green frothy stool. Nothing to worry, however, you can apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice, it will give him/her some relief... If you think it is diarrhea, then you should see a pediatrician without any delay.
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Question: My baby has been passing green stool since 10 day of his life. He passes stool once every alternate day with this color. Please let me Know if this is ok
Answer: Initially for months is normal . Because baby digestive system doesn't fully developed till three months so some babies will go green dat is normal only... After three months if baby is going means there will be some infection that's why baby can't able to digest... So kindly do motion routine test... Give breast milk alone.. no other feeds
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Question: My baby is passing watery stool with yellowish colour...today he passed 9 times..how to cure this
Answer: If the baby is exclusively breastfed its very normal sister no need to worry change ur diet hope it helps happy parenting
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