2 years old baby

Question: My baby boy is 2years old. From yesterday he looks tired at sometimes and not eating properly .this happens for few hours then he bevomes normal. Again today he become cranky and avoiding food. Planning to consult a doctor by evening.between what could be possible reason behind this. His poop had bad odur also. Kindly guve suggestion

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Answer: Hi dear, I am thinking could he be having la k of proper sleep.most often kids with lack of sleep would be feeling tired in day and also have lack of appetite.i .glad that you are getting it checked.
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    Sandhya K839 days ago

    Yes his afternoon nap time got reduced and he wakes up inbetween night for the past few days.

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Question: Our baby boy is now 3 months old..so far his sleeping pattern was like 6 to 7 hours deep sleep at night and 3 hours deep sleep during day time after bath....from few days he is not sleeping for longer duration...day time its very difficult to manage. He is not at all sleeping and even for pin drop sound he gets up. My wife is getting tired. His weight is 6.2 kgs which seems to be normal. His height is 63 cms. We are worried about his sleeping pattern. Kindly suggest and let us know if this is normal.
Answer: Hi dear, I understand that new norms often have issues with sleeping.and since they keep.acheiving milestones their sleeping patterns keep changing.unfortunately we as parents need to have lot of patience.i am glad that here you could be helpful to help your wife.babies great disturbed often as their sensory organs starts developing too.i am.not sure if you can use 'jholi' to put your baby sleep.it worked wonder for my baby.she was a light sleeper too.i made a jholi out of cotton saree and hanged it to the ceiling loop.you can use in place of a fan loop.make sure it's tight enough.you also get baby hammock online.acts in similar way.baby stays cozy and sleeps better for longer time.find it out online.
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Question: My two and half month old boy can't sleep properly. He sleepy on my nap but when I try to put on bed..he wake up and cry.This is continue whole day and untill 11 pm at night. He rarely sleep for 3-4 hours at night and become fussy for hours. This happen every day . I was very tired and frustrate . Even he fight at breastfeeding. He try to suck nipple but become fussy on breast too. Then I thought breast milk may be not enough so I gave formula milk . But he doesn't take formula too
Answer: There might be gas in your baby which bothering him try taking some safe gas releasing medicines urself and for baby trying cycling his legs you can reffer YouTube for how to and I feel like there might be some other problem with your little you should once see the doc
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Question: hello, my baby is 6 month and 24 days old. Few months ago he had lactose intolerant problem. So we have given him soy milk but now he is on normal formula but his stomach is not well now. Sometimes he does loosemotions and generally it happens 2-3 times a day. I stay in roorkee and we have done his treatment in Noida. Whenever we visit Noida for his checkup he drinks milk properly (on time) but now a days he is not taking milk on time. Now a days he takes milk with an average 6-8 hours gap. I am quite worried about this. What can I do
Answer: Hello, As it is showing baby is 7 months so he must be on some semi solid diet also. So if baby is having semi solid diet also then don't worry try to give him nutrition in food form and if baby reduce milk and is on semi solid diet than there is nothing to worry about.
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