2 months old baby

Question: My baby boy is 2months old he is willing to sleep side he wont sleep on back whqt should i do plzz suggest if he sleep like that will any prblm causes

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Answer: Keep him tightly with pillows on both the sides .as he cant rotate to sides .r else use some cotton sarees wrap on sode and keep under hands by that he cant move . Of not also nothing will happen sont force baby to sleepback . Allow him to sleep as comfort .
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Question: I have 2months old boy baby. If i feed on ma right side breast, he will not have. Only left side he will have. Pls suggest me what shall i do to feed on right side.
Answer: Hello, Dear sometimes baby don't feed if there is excessive flow or less flow from the breast. So just check if flow is high or low. If the flow is high then express some milk and then offer the breast to baby . If flow is less the do some hot compress on the breast before feeding baby.
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Question: Iam not at all comfortable in left side sleeping. On back only iam comfortable to sleep well. Wat can I do. Plz suggest me if I sleep on my back is there any problem with that
Answer: U should keep changing the position also use soft and supporting pillows for ur belly and ur back. Try 2 keep left side as it increases the blood flow to placenta . Sleeping on ur back putting a hindrance to it and make dizziness to both of u .
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Question: My week old boy doesnt like to sleep on back he prefer sleeping on side is it safe?
Answer: Dear most baby do that. Even my daughter did that. I used to change the position for her while she was in deep sleep. You can do the same. Hope it helps.
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