4 months old baby

Question: My baby boy born fair ..but now he has dusk y skin but his palms and foot is fair Nd dis clr is not matching with rest of his body ..Nd dis clr is same from when he is born rest of body clr changes..he has dusky skin from the third day when he has born y is it so

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Question: When he was born his complexion was very fair but slowly his his tone changes and darkens now he is 5 months old and his color complexion was not fair at all
Answer: Hello dear It is normal for newborn baby to change his color liitle bit. Newborn often look fair at birth but that was not their actual color. It can took upto 6 months and sometimes babies can change their color upto 1 yr too. So, dont worry.
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Question: My baby is 27 days old. .when he was born his skin tone is fair but now his skin tone is becoming darker. ..does this is his actual colour???I'm very tensed. ..will he become fair again? ??
Answer: Hello! During the initial days the skin tone does become dull due to the oil massage and cream usage. So it is normal. It is only after 6months that one comes to know about the original complexion of the baby. Take care
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Question: My baby was born very fair, but now his color has changed.Will he come back to same color?
Answer: Yes, baby colour keep changing in initial month. Dont worry
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