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Question: My baby boy 13 days old. When could he see or hear anything?

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Answer: he will be able to hear everything now . you can see him giving a jerk when there is a noise or when you drop something on the floor . but initially babies eyes can see everything only in black and white .. the visions slowly develops And they can make eye contact with you listen to what you say and respond with smile only after three or four months . They may look around on bright colours or if someone moves after 2 months .. 13 days old baby take feed and sleep most of the time .. so don't worry
Answer: Hi dear, Your baby can still hear and see.the eye sight till 2 months would be limited to 8 inches.During the first months of life, the eyes start working together and vision rapidly improves. Eye-hand coordination begins to develop as the infant starts tracking moving objects with his or her eyes and reaching for them. By eight weeks, babies begin to more easily focus their eyes on the faces of a parent or other person near them.
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Answer: Reduce watching TV for the baby. It's not good to expose the TV to baby and watch it for hours. Spend more time with the baby
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Question: My baby born 22nd November 2018..when my baby will start to see and hear ????
Answer: Onces babby completes 40-45 days .. he vll start developing his skills.. first dey r not able to see n hear clearly but dey can see n hear.. with time their hearing n seeing skills compelty develops
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