2 months old baby

Question: My baby bomitig

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Answer: Hello! Vomiting or spitting milk in babies is common. There is nothing to worry. The stomach of the baby is very small, so a little pressure can cause the baby to bring milk out. There is nothing to worry it is absolutely normal. Just make sure you burp the baby after each feed. Take care
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Question: My baby is 12 days old. My baby dsnt gt my breast milk. Is cow milk good for my baby?
Answer: Hy dear, Cow’s milk isn’t recommended to be given to newborn babies for a variety of reasons. Firstly, a baby’s digestive system isn’t developed enough to handle the large quantity of proteins (such as casein and whey) in cow’s milk. Secondly, early introduction of cow’s milk to your infant can make their system intolerant towards it. Lastly, cow’s milk can make your newborn iron deficient as it interferes with iron absorption in their body. While feeding milk is not advised, milk-based products such as yoghurt and cheese are still considered acceptable for babies younger than one year of age. However, we should refrain from offering them cow’s milk independently. This is because the amount of sodium in cow’s milk is much higher than what a baby’s kidneys can handle.Instead you can use supplementary feedings....maximum try to give exclusive breast feeding itself....
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Question: My baby swallows my is any harm for my baby
Answer: Hi.. Dear your query is not clear, please post your complete query again, so that I can help you..
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Question: Whether my baby crying my grandma breast feeding for my baby its have any problem for my baby
Answer: Pls don't allow anyone to breast feed.its not good for baby
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