6 months old baby

Question: My baby always sleeps on his sides either left or right.. If i make him sleep straith.. He immediately wake up.. And again sleeps side turn.. Is ter any problm if he sleeps lik ths. ?

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Answer: No dear there is no problem on sleeping on sides. Confirm of baby is more important , nothing to worry about this 😊😊
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Question: 21day old baby.my baby always sleeps either on his left ir right side..he sleeps straight only for few hours in the morning but most of the time he when he sleeps on his side he sleeps comfirtably.. is it ok to make baby sleeo on his left ot right side? or is it neccessary to make him sleep straight?
Answer: dont worry abhi baby bahut chota hai or abhi aise hi sulana thik hai dono side barabar karwat leke sulao... and straight b sulao or kuch time bad baby k liye musterd seeds ki pillow bnwa lena choti c usme baby ko sulana usse kya hoga ki baby ka head perfect shape me aa jyega... agar ek hi side sone se shape change hui hogi to koi tensn wli bt nhi h ghabrao mt
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Question: My baby doesn't sleep on her back..she always sleeps either on left karwat or right..is it alright ??
Answer: Hi dear. don't worry dear I sleeping on side is totally fine but keep in mind that baby should not sleep on same side all the time because it can press your baby's head and give flat habit to your baby from one side always keep on changing position of your baby .
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Question: Hi...my baby boy will sleep onlybon his left side through out the night...if i make him sleep on his back ,he will wake up and cries until i make his sleep on left side...is this ok???any problem in sleeping on one side??
Answer: Hi Ya babies scalp ll be too tender and if baby use to sleep on same side it ll become flat head on that side so please do practice cloth cradle for baby as it ll help for correct head shape though baby turns and sleep
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