8 months old baby

Question: My baby also siting itself but suddenly slips and injury of heads . 2 and 3time slip one day it's no problem

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Answer: Hi if baby is crying too much then check. If not then baby must be fine. It is normal for baby to fall when they are growing.
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Question: My baby fell frm stairs (2-3 steps)... no injury sign...but wat else shud i du to ensure he is safe with no internal injury?
Answer: Hie Your baby would be fine don't bother he is a strong boy now but be extra cautious as they are very excited to try on the newly achieved skill of walking and reaching for objects they want As for the injury If the baby vomits after getting injured then you need to see the doc right away Other wise observe for a day if you see any change like dizziness ,unusual sleeping hours or unable to eat it would be best to consult your pediatrician regarding same
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Question: Today my baby folld in joola suddenly she cry but no injury at all but i afrid what happend madam
Answer: Hi it's ok but yes you have to very careful as it can cause injury to the baby So don't leave the child alone
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Question: Mu baby eat cerelac of two times of the day morning and evening it's no problem Or one time per day
Answer: You should give only once ...cerelac absorb water from body which can lead to hard stool
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