18 months old baby

Question: My baby after feeding immediately went down nd sleep towards it stomach .whn i chnge his position he again move towards stomch is this ok

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Answer: Hello there... Your baby should not sleep on his stomach.. Specially after feed. You can use some pillow or a blanket as a boundaries for him to sleep on his stomach. Hope this helps
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Question: Is it ok if my baby sleep on his stomach . Now a days he prefer that position
Answer: Itz totally safe.no need to worry...but slowly try to change the position while baby is sleeping
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Question: My baby 6week old every after feeding immediately he vomiting plz suggest me y it happens before feeding 15 min back i massage his stomach still it happens
Answer: Hi dear baby gets reflux and split milk. After feeding don't pick them immediately to burp it may cause splitting of milk. After feeding let the baby sleeps for about 10 minutes and take on shoulder for burping it will help.
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Question: My babies neck is not ok . He kinda lean towards his right side very often ... Like when I lift him from cradle or even he is lying down,he leans his neck towards right side . Is this ok ?
Answer: Try to put support on the right side a soft pillow or something. So that he should not bend his neck on right.
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