6 months old baby

Question: My baby after birth everyday and everytime after bf what i do

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Answer: hi looks like your question is incomplete I would therefore request you to the post of question so that I can help you
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Question: my baby is getting vomtings after burping everytime . what should I do ??
Answer: It could be due to GER. Gastroesophageal reflux (GER) happens when an infant’s lower esophageal sphincter is not fully developed, and the muscle lets the stomach contents back up the esophagus. Once the stomach contents move up into the esophagus, the infant will spit up. Once an infant’s sphincter muscle fully develops, he or she should no longer spit up. Mostly baby outgrows GER on its own but if the problem persists you can give medicine as well. Other than that there are a variety of lifestyle measures you can try for acid reflux- Elevate the head of the baby's crib or if he Co sleep then you can use pillow to elevate his head. Hold the baby upright for 30 minutes after a feeding. Thicken bottle feedings with cereal (do not do this without your doctor's approval). Feed your baby in smaller amounts more often.
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Question: My baby wants milk everytime .. what can i do
Answer: Hi, welcome to motherhood The baby is required to be fed for 15-20 mins from each side every 2 hours.if the baby is asking for more than this or wants to latch for more time than it is not because the baby is hungry it is just because latching gives sotthing effect to the baby. But however this practice should be avoided .as excessive match Ng can only cause more air going in and causing gas problems .
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Question: My baby after bf everytime everyday vomiting what i do for it
Answer: Hello! The stomach of the baby is very small, a little pressure on the stomach let's the baby to bring out milk. Hence, nothing to worry, it is common. Make sure you burp the baby after each feed. Take care
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