5 months old baby

Question: My baby 5month old she is not taking breastfeeding she drink only while sleeping

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Answer: Same problem here my baby doing same thing
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    MADHUSMITA ROUT605 days ago

    Same problem here my baby also doing.

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    Palak Vashi604 days ago

    So are you giving formula milk?

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    pallavi sindhe603 days ago

    No m not doing fm

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Question: my Baby do not eat food she does not drink pulses and she drink milk only when she is sleeping
Answer: some babies adopt late to solid diet. but dont loose hope keep trying. Few tips of feeding the food, 1. Use stainless steel , glass bowl or silver bowl should be used to serve the food. Plastic bowl and spoon should be strictly avoided. 2. Feed the baby is calm and comfortable position and head should be up completely. 3. Start with few tsp of the food and slowly increase the quantity . 4. prefer pureed and mashed foods only baby might have chocking issues. 5. Start with fruit puree first. 6. Give few tsp water after every meal for proper digestion . Food items that you can feed for 6-7 months . Ragi or finger millet porridge, ragi kheer, daal water, rice water, khichdi water, oats porridge with Apple and banana, Apple puree, chiku puree, pumpkin puree, carrot puree,broccoli puree, potatoes mash, sweet potatoes puree, potatoes and carrots soup, veggie khichdi, avocado puree, sooji kheer,upma, vegetables soup, makhana kheer, papaya puree, watermelon , Apple kheer,sooji and banana porridge. Etc.
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Question: hi ... my baby is not taking breast feed properly... and she is being restless while sleeping...
Answer: Many reasons are there why babies refuse milk. These are-- Too much flow. Less milk supply. Wether changing. Bored with same feeding position. Hormonal changes. Fever Cold and cough. Baby is not taking milk properly so she is restless. Plz check above symptoms
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Question: Baby not taking milk while awake. Drinks only while sleeping what to do.
Answer: Its a phase it will soon pass.. dont worry.. sometime it happens arorund same 4 months of age. While he is awake he wants to see everything arorund him, he is more distracted.. Just wait for another 2-3 days he will soon back to breast
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