4 months old baby

Question: My baby 4months old he going urine yellow colour

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Answer: Hi dear Yellow urine is a sign of over heat of body as its summer...to control it just feed baby with little amount of warm water or some gulcose powder added with water also apply some castor oil around belly hole and do a gentle massage with your fingers in a clockwise motion...it controls body heat
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Question: Baby going yellow colour urine
Answer: Incase there are plenty of wet diapers and the baby is growing fine, I can think of two possible scenarios: baby is fine and for some reason urine looks yellow in the diaper or baby has a UTI. Better to consult your doctor.. Take care :)
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Question: my urine is yellow in colour
Answer: Hi, Taking medications and vitamins can make urine color bright. bright yellow urine may also be due to poor liquid intake. Try to drink more water , juices etc and check if the problem resolves by itself if it does not please check with the doctor.
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Question: My baby urine is light yellow colour he is 4 month old.is it normal?
Answer: Hi.. Dear it ok.. Have lot of fluids.. As yellow colour of urine is normal..
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