4 months old baby

Question: My baby 4 month 6 days old. She is not eating properly. I feed her formula milk and breast milk also. Few days ago she is not feeding breast milk and formula milk. When I try to feed she cried. What can I do now? She has no cold/cough problem.

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Question: My baby is 33 days old. I am giving her both breast feed and formula milk as my breast feed is not enough for her. Two days before i started formula milk. Because bshe did not gain weight in one month. After feeding formula milk she did not motion. But urine is normal and frequent after feeding. what to do for motion pblm
Answer: it is absolutely fine if the baby does not poop for even about 8 days.Baby's metabolism will keep changing for few months before it gets regular.If it continues for few more days u may want to try massaging your baby's tummy with warm oil.It will definitely help.But most of the times in the first few weeks ,u do not need it.
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Question: My kid is not eating properly from 2 weeks as she have cough and cold,how should i feed her
Answer: Hello dear. Babies usually stop eating due to cold and cough. I am sharing some remedies to treat that. Also give ur baby veges soup as it helps in filling the tummy and giving relief in cold and cough. For cold...put some garlic cloves in a thread and make the child wear it like a neckpiece the garlic cloves should touch the chest it will help control the running nose,chest cogestion. Also u can make an oil to massage at night. Take mustard oil and put methi dana,ajvain,garlic and neem leaves. Heat the oil till all dese ingredients are golden brown. Let it cool and strain the oil. Heat the oil when u use it. U can massage the chest ,back and feet with this oil before the child sleeps. Make sure to make the child wear socks after u massage with this oil it will double the effect. Hope this all helps 😊
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Question: My breast feed is low also my nipple does not grow properly so my baby does not suck it when i try to feed her she will cry ... She is on formula milk ... What can i do plz help
Answer: U want to improve breast milk take laktare tablets or lactare granules powder mix with milk and drink twise daily. Daily try to giving milk slowly baby suck the breast and sucking baby nipple grow proper. When I faced same problem in my first child. Starting it takes more time slowly it'll good. When baby have little hunger try this method. Baby have more hunger they didn't try only crying only. U want improve more milk means take both tablet and powder....
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