4 months old baby

Question: My baby 3.5 month he is not drinking milk. If I force him also he is not drink the milk. Plse help me

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Answer: This time babies will start seeing things. So they r distracted. It will be fine after some days. Distract him and give milk. If he cries stop and play for some time and again try distracting him and feed. While feeding close him with cloth so that he will not distracted by surrounding
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Question: My baby is not drinking breast milk properly am worried with this, he is not ready to suck it I feel my breast so heavy but he ll not drink, what will I do plz suggest me some remedy
Answer: If this is a problem the elders will say that some negative energy or some Nazar has happened so please remove your breast milk little in the spoon and remove the Nazar from your breast three times rotating in a clockwise direction and dispose it without showing to anybody so that the Nazar goes off and before you feed you hold your nipple with two fingers and then you start feeding because sometimes because of the pressure of the milk from the breast children are unable to drink it properly so make the baby comfort take it in your laps make it comfort and slowly try to make it to drink try this I hope the baby will drink stomach full have a great time take care of yourself and your babyhappy motherhood in case if this doesn't work out then remove the Nazar taking the salt and 2 chillies holding your left and rotate in a clockwise direction and dispose it without showing to anybody
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Question: Hello ..i have a baby boy..he is 15pluse..now..he is not taking food properly.. not even drinking milk also..wt i should do please help me...
Answer: I, know babies at times can be too fussy..please have patience and dnt force feed though..else it can backfire with vomiting and aversion towards food..introduce variety of home cooked food to baby and let baby get used to them..sing song or talk to baby to make meal time fun..dnt stress out much if baby is growing well and active..
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Question: Drinking tea decreses breast milk?my breast milk is not enough for my 2 month old baby.what can i do for this??she also not eat formula milk
Answer: for increasing breast milk have paneer , buttermilk, moong dal , toor dal ,masoor dal, jeera intake zyada kro , milk 2-3 times in a day if non vegetarian than have chicken soup, egg, dry fruits ladoo , lactonic granules u will get at chemist shop easily have that with milk, meethi seeds , and before every feed have a glass of water
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