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Question: My baby 25 days thana eyes lo poosi vasthundi delivery ayyaka jaundice annaru but thaggindani doctor cheppindi kani papa ki eyes lo ala endukosthundi

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Answer: Can u pls ask in English
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Question: Hi madam 36 weeks pregnant Bilateral foetal kidneys are mildly hydronephrotic ani undi scaning lo amyna problem aa baby ki delivery ayyaka bady ki 3 rd day scan cheyali ani cheppindi ee scanning deni kosam
Answer: Hi dear, Although your question is partially in English and mostly in a different language I will request you to post your question again if you are not satisfied with answer. but with your question I can answer you that do not worry actually hydronephrosis is seen in absolutely 4% of all pregnancy and as a part of ultrasound checkup Kidneys examined. and then you are told that if the dilstation of renal pelvis is mild it is known as mild pyelectasis. measurement between 4 mm and 7 mm are considered normal. and they are monitored because baby is having a mild dilatation in Kidneys are prone to urinary infection later on in their life. and also it is important to understand whether it is utrophic obstruction or an UPJ. so repeat ultrasound will be done on 38th week as well to understand if the renal dilststion is as it is. 97% of newborns with pelvic casses during pregnancy will have normal kidney or mild dilatation on postnatal Ultrasound. so do not worry it will get corrected if it is mild. Take care.
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Question: I am 34 week pregnant doctor cheppindi naku normal delivery ki try cheyoddu ani cheppindi 36 week lo operation chepinchukovacha baby ki emyna problem untunda
Answer: Cheyinchukovachu but baby stomuck lo undi growth aithene healthy ga untundi. Wait cheyi thondaraga padaku normal anduku vaddu annadi Amina problem ma. 37week ki full term baby untadi. Wait cheyi pains vasthe better.
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Question: My baby got jaundice when she's two days old.... We did phototherapy... Nd doctor said jaundice cured... Butstill my baby having yellowness in feeling tensed.... How many days will take for get rid yellowness in eyes...
Answer: Take ur baby in direct sun rays in the morning before 9 am
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