18 months old baby

Question: My baby 17 mnth old her weight is also less according to her age ,what diet I should give to her to increase her weight nd also be healthy ?

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Answer: Hey mommy Try this food ...My ped suggested this to my kid and touchwood she gained well after starting it. Start giving him home made besan laddu with grinded nuts and desi ghee it is a complete nutrition loaded with carb, fat and protein it will surely help. Happy feeding👍
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Question: My child weight is 6.45 kg according to ideal weight its very less what should be her diet
Answer: Hi. If your baby is active and eating well, I don't think it is a major issue. You can give plenty of high calorie food. Babies don't grow as much as they do in first year. After one year, you can focus on her eating habits than her weight. Feed her healthy food and have a structure over the feeding habits. Usually feeding thrice and having two snacks in between is suggested Ensure that all dairy products, such as milk, yoghurt, cheese and are full-fat Try adding butter, ghee, to your toddler's food.  Give baby potatoes, sweet potato, avocado, chicken, meat, eggs, banana Daily You can also give grated cheese in pasta and other preparation Some great sources of proteins for weight and muscle gaining are eggs, milk, banana, chicken, potatoes desi ghee, cheese etc. Hope this helps
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Question: My baby weight is less according to her age plz help me what should I do for her weight gain
Answer: Hello dear Make sure to feed everything to your baby do not leave any fruit or vegetable untouched just because you do not like the taste developing a taste for every food is important at this age so 1-2 years is very crucial in terms of feeding nutritious food such as spinach paratha as cheddar cheese and thick curd focus more on dairy products which help to gain weight.
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Question: My baby is too weak according to her age..what should i give her to increase her weight!
Answer: Hi you can start with semi solid food such as rice water dal water date syrup fruit puree vegetable soup cerelac mashed potatoes mashed banana mashed sweet potato carrot puree fruit juice suji halva suji kheer rice kheer along with breastfeeding it will help take care
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